Case Studies

Our project management discipline ensures success on the most demanding timelines. By following the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) protocol, our team collaborates with our customer to achieve results.

Success Story One

Success Story 1
  • Faced with supplier closure week 13
  • Six complex parts with strict deburr and cleanliness requirements
  • CAPEX of $1 million
  • Supported by weekly PPAP status meetings

Success Story Two

Success Story 1
  • Customer faced with significant field warranty issue, requiring a new part design
  • Opportunity required rapid development of third-party specialty processes and high-nickel, difficult-to-machine material
  • Weekly DFM and status meetings required through development order up to PPAP submittal

Success Story Three

Success Story 1

  • Customer required 50% weekly capacity increase starting week 6
  • Opportunity required adding $500K CAPEX and complete replication of customer’s process to avoid new PPAP
  • Fully production capable week 6
  • Zero defects over program life